Ever Wonder What A Horde Of Ducks Ready To Attack Sounds Like?


You may find this video funny but also a bit disturbing. The squeaking sound of one duck toy may seem normal for everyone. But when you press down a whole army sitting on a big shopping cart, it is a different story. Kevin Synnes the uploader of the video, wanting to embarrass his girlfriend, came up with a brilliant plan to squeeze all these toys all at once and the result is a loud echoing scream of battle cry! It went so viral that people started making parodies out of it.

Even the host of MythBuster, Adam Savage almost can’t believe it  and even tried it for himself.

credits:Funny Videos

He tweeted,  “ I felt a great disturbance in #TheForce, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

You can actually buy these ducks on Amazon and create your very own duck army!


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