Even Superman Needs To Asks For Directions

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh! It’s Superman!

When we were young we know him as the savior of humankind, listening and responding to the cries of people who are in need of help. Now, the Man of Steel is making a comeback, and this time he is asking for directions! Apparently one of our favorite iconic superheroes got a little lost somewhere in Costa Rica. He was making his way to a place called San Jose and he can’t seem to find it.


We are not so sure if Superman can’t read or follow directions on a map, but lucky for him he was guided by some motorists on the road driving through the countryside.

Obviously, he is not the real Superman–American or Costa Rican version. But we just love how he made his flying appear so real, swooping up and down as he leaned forward from the rear of a car.