Easy-To-Do Donut Phone Charger/Holder

Are you a fan of donuts? Whether you answered yes or no, you can’t resist this adorable donut phone charger/holder that will add additional cuteness and flavor to your room.


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  • A couple of cardboards
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Glue stick and glue gun
  • Construction paper
  • Puffy fabric paint


1. Trace a circle on the cardboard using a CD including the circle in the middle. You may expand and make bigger outer circle depending on your preference. Cut the outer circle using scissors and use X-acto knife to cut the inner small circle.
2. Draw a line for the base. Also, draw some large bitemarks-like curves on your desired opening enough for your phone to fit in. The cut out the lines and curves.
3. Using your finished donut shape. Trace and cut some more ( a total of 12 pcs. on this video)
4. Split to use in sections – front, back/bottom, and middle section.


Easy-To-Do Donut Phone Charger Holder 2

5. For the 4 pcs. to go to the middle section – Trace the bottom part of your phone making sure it fits as well as cut the middle part of the donut for the wire to go through (cable section)
6. For the 4 pcs. to go to the back/bottom section – trace and cut only the cable section
7. Glue all the pieces together
8. Use construction paper to cover the edges and front of the donut
9. Use puffy paint and spread it to make the frosting of the donut
10. Cut little sprinkles from construction paper and glue them to the front
11. Place your charger through the cable section opening and plug your phone in.


Easy-To-Do Donut Phone Charger Holder 3

Yummy looking and cute! This is totally adorable.

Easy-To-Do Donut Phone Charger Holder  1

Check out some of the materials at Amazon!


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