Easy To Create DIY Concealer Corrector

If you’ve run out of your favorite concealer or just find it’s too expensive to buy, this DIY Concealer Corrector just might be what you are looking for. Watch the video below to find out more.


Here’s a cool video that’ll show you how to use an orange or red food dye to correct your concealer. Yes, you heard it right! Food dyes can be easily bought from your favorite supermarkets, and they’re pretty cheap. The best thing is, this new make-up hack does work incredibly well!

You’ll need:

  • Orange or red food dye
  • Your regular liquid foundation
  • Mixer and make-up brush


*If you have light to moderate skin tone, use red food color to achieve a bisque undertone
*If you are brown or olive complexioned, use orange food color to achieve a peach undertone

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Put an ample amount of your foundation on the back of your hand. Add just a little bit of red or orange food dye and use a little mixer brush to blend it well. Apply.
  2. Using the correct concealer tone for your skin color will brighten up your under eye area, and give you that wide awake appearance. The amount of concealer to apply really depends on how much coverage you need. You have to make sure that you blend it well, too, using your fingers.
  3. Carefully pat and press the concealer around the eye area making sure no lines or demarcation is seen. You can use a bit of your foundation to blend it well using your make-up brush. If you want to brighten up the whole eye area, you can also apply concealer on your lids.

Concealers work best with foundation but, keep in mind that they aren’t meant to be used all over your face. Just apply on small discolored areas, usually underneath the eye area or on blemishes.


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