Dog Angry At His Own Foot

We aren’t really sure what the history is between this dog and its foot but one things for certain. Lines have been crossed that can never be uncrossed.  Sitting peacefully on the couch, this four legged friend is happily enjoying his bone when out of the corner of his eye he spies his arch nemesis. There it is, his evil foot, creeping up to steal his pride and joy!

Not one to roll over, this puppy lets his foot have it. If only it were that easy.  His foot has a mind of its own and refuses to let up. After a few growls and nips things settle down. However after things cool off and the coast is clear that dirty rotten foot tries it again!


We’re not sure how the ordeal ended up but we wouldn’t be surprised if Fido goes from a four legged friend down to a three legged friend.


Woof Woof!


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