DIY Watermelon Handmade Soap

With all the beauty soaps that are being sold everywhere, we wanted to share a funny and cute DIY watermelon soap. You’ll be proud of this custom soaps that are perfect for gift or souvenirs. Not only that you get to choose your own fragrance, but also a memorable bonding time to spend with family and friends.


diy watermelon soap


You can find the materials at Amazon!

diy watermelon soap

Materials to use:

  • Plastic ornament mold
  • Clear glycerine soap
  • Colorant (blue, yellow and red)
  • Poppy seeds or black lentils
  • Essential oils of your choice



Step 1: For the Outer Layer

– Melt clear glycerin soap and add any scent or essential oil you like.

Add blue and yellow sub colorants and mix to create a dark green color for the outer details of the watermelon.

РTake a sheet of baking paper and pour the green soap on top. Distribute evenly by using a popsicle stick, making a square figure and let it cool down for about 3 minutes

– With a cutter or any modeling tool, start cutting the soap. Start with thin strips in a wavy motion. The number of stripes that you’ll make will depend on the size of the soap making.

– Next step needs a plastic ornament as a mold. Begin placing the soap stripes into the plastic ornament starting from the middle adding them one by one creating stripes you see on the outer layer of a watermelon. This one used 7 stripes on each side. Cut off any excess soaps on the side


diy watermelon soap

Step 2: Inner Layer

– Melt some more clear glycerin soap. Add a tiny bit of blue and yellow sub colorants to make a light green colored soap. Next, go ahead and pour some of the light green soap into one of the ornaments and start moving it around so the soap attaches evenly to the plastic and the stripes of soap. Repeat the steps on the other half of the ornament.

– Next, melt some white glycerin soap for the white inner part of the watermelon.

– Before that, take a toothpick and scratch the surface of the first layer of soap and then spray some rubbing alcohol on top. When pouring the white soap, be sure to distribute it slightly below the edge.

– To make sure the white soap is distributed evenly, take another plastic ornament and press down the white layer

diy watermelon soap


Step 3: Fire Water Melon Part

– Melt clear glycerin soap and add fragrance and red colorant.

РJust like on the previous steps,  scratch the surface of the soap and spray rubbing alcohol then, pour the red soap until white part is completely covered.

– For the watermelon seeds, you can use poppy seeds or black lentils and place a few on top and push them down. Do the same on the other half.



Once soap hardens, or at least most of it, to attach the 2 pieces together, scratch the red soap layer again and spray rubbing alcohol. Use the excess red soap then pour on the other half until completely full. Spray rubbing alcohol on top then carefully close. Let it cool down for a few hours to make sure it completely hardens then remove the mold.

Voila! You can use it as it is or you can cut it open like watermelon slices. This may seem a lot of steps to make but it is a fun thing to do.

You can try different molds and watermelon shapes!


You can find the materials at Amazon


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