DIY Mirrored Nightstand

Here’s another DIY that’s super easy to do. Turn your new or old night stand or any cabinet into a fantastic looking furniture using frameless mirrors! If you are planning to have a mirrored nightstand, you better check this video first, before you head out the door and purchase one.

credits: AprilBee

Store-bought mirrored nightstands could roughly cost you around $450-$750 per piece. However, this nightstand project will only cost you about $75 for each piece, which makes it extremely budget friendly! You may have to work on it, but if you have the right materials, and you’ll follow the instructions on this video, you can easily do it!

Equipment needed:

  • Nightstand or IKEA Rast Chest
  • Mirrored Glass
  • Mirror Adhesive
  • Caulk Gun
  • Acrylic Knobs
  • E600 Glue
  • Metallic Silver Spray Paint
  • Clamps


1. Measure the dimension of your cabinet. Get the width of the top, the sides and front of drawers. Take the measurements to the nearest glass and mirror shop, so they can cut the glass sheets you will be using according to your specifications
2. Remove the drawer knobs
3. Spray the outer boards, corners and the bottom of the cabinet with 2 coats of silver metallic spray paint
4. Lay the mirror sheets on the floor and get your mirror adhesive
5. Install the tube of mirror adhesive in the caulk gun then apply adhesive to the back of the mirror in a crisscross pattern from corner to corner
6. Glue the mirror to the sides of the cabinet first then work on the drawers
7. Apply pressure once you get the exact position of the mirror. Make sure also that you apply a substantial amount of adhesive to the back of each mirror
8. When you’re done gluing all the mirrors. Get a measuring tape and a marker, so you can accurately measure and mark where you want to place the drawer knobs
9. Stick the knobs to the drawers using an adhesive that’s formulated to meet high-performance gluing needs for a range of mediums
10. Press the mirror and the drawers together, as well as, the sides and top of the cabinet using clamps and leave them to dry for at least 24 hours. This will keep everything in position while drying
11. After 24 hours, remove the clamps and check, if the knobs won’t dislodge when you hold them to lift each drawer
12. Place the drawers back into the cabinet then wipe the mirrors with a glass cleaner and paper towel

This DIY nightstand is a fun, easy project that’s done in no time… and a pretty good price for a fancy looking furniture!


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