DIY Halloween Ghost Decor

Halloween is a holiday that is so famous to everyone in the world that  everybody gets excited for what’s their next OOTD to post on Instagram.  This celebration has many versions and no one knows where it exactly originated but history recounts that it is actually a pagan tradition and people believed that every end of the Celtic calendar, October 31st, evil creatures roam around and to ward off these sinister beings people wear scary masks or costumes. But whatever or whoever civilization it came from, people from the modern days would thank them because Halloween is actually fun rather than scary and kids are excited about the treats or tricks. Don’t miss this year’s Halloween fun and let your friends and visitors know that you’re in for that spooky celebration. Here’s a cheap and easy video tutorial.

credits:Ana|DIY Crafts

With just some white disposable cleaning cloth, marker, floral wires or any wires available, empty plastic container, styrofoam ball, water and some glue you can already have that scary ghost to surely shoo away some naughty spirits.


Here are the easy to follow steps:

1. Get a 30 mm wire and screw it around the bottle neck of an empty container. This will serve as the form or body of your Ghost.

2. Make the wires form like arms stretching then bend each tip.

3. The styroball will serve as a Ghost head, place it on top of the container.

4. In a container, mix some water and glue.

5. Damp the disposable cleaning cloth into the glue mixture.


6. Squeeze to take out the excess water to avoid water from dripping.

7. Put the damp cloth on top of the Ghost form. You may shape it a bit and allow the damp cloth to dry and harden.


8. Once its hard and dry, hold the styroball and take away the empty container.

9. Using the marker, draw the spooky eyes and mouth. Add some strings and hang it wherever part of your house to put it.


It’s easy but an awesome stuff to help you celebrate your Halloween. Just don’t forget to turn the lights on or else somebody in the house might get a heart attack.



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