DIY Fancy Twine Basket Using Cardboard Boxes

Clutters are everywhere and a messy room is normal and part of your everyday life especially when you have toddlers around the house. Even a busy teen could get so clumsy and messy all the time. Cut the stress and get organized by recycling a cardboard box into a fancy twine basket. Follow this eco-friendly video and learn how to do it. You’d be amazed how you can get your home clean and clutter-free while helping Mother-nature.



· Cardboard box
· Twine
· Hot glue
· Large pillow case


1. Add tape to secure the bottom of the cardboard box then push the flaps of the box inside to create an open box.
2. Start at the bottom of the box: Carefully add lines of hot glue to the box as you attach the twine, working upwards. Continue to loop twine around the box until almost close to the top. Leave a few inches.

diy fancy twine basket
3. Fold a pillowcase halfway down until you reached the desired size for the lining of your box. Then, line the box with the pillowcase, covering a few inches of the top exterior part of the cardboard box.

diy fancy twine basket

Use for your towels, or kid’s toys for a clutter-free room.

diy fancy twine basket


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