How To Make DIY Emoji Soap Like A Boss

They are on Facebook, Skype and a lot of social media sites, Emojis are definitely on trend. If you just can’t get enough of them, get crafty and have fun in doing this easy DIY emoji soap. For personal use, giveaways or gift to friends and family, we’re sure that this will bring a different emotion to the receivers.


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Things you will need:

  • Clear glycerin soap base (that has no oils in it to avoid a yellow cast and clouding in the end. We want the transparent soap as clear as possible)
  • Clear and White glycerin soap base
  • Molds (shape of your choice)
  • Rubbing alcohol (at least 90% alcohol)
  • Measuring cup
  • Water-soluble paper
  • Soap colorants (optional)
  • Soap fragrance

Step 1: Prepare the artwork for the soap

  • Make sure that the images you choose and printed are the same size as the molds that you’ll be using. Adjust accordingly.
  • Print on the water-soluble paper and cut out the images
  • Make sure that the print is completely dry or the colors will bleed on your soap

diy emoji soap a

Step 2: Prepare the first layer

  • Cut the clear glycerine soap into small pieces for it to easily melt
  • Melt the soap base in a microwave
  • Spray rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles
  • Pour a thin layer of soap into the molds. Spray rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles
  • Let it cool down for a bit until a thin film has formed then spray rubbing alcohol again

diy emoji soap b


Step 3: Add pictures

  • Place your images face down. Slowly place paper from one side to avoid any bubbles.
  • Allow to fully harden

diy emoji soap c


Step 4: Prepare next layer

  • Cut the white glycerine soap into small pieces for it to easily melt
  • Melt the soap base in a microwave
  • You may add your fragrance of your choice
  • Let it cool down a bit
  • Spray alcohol on the hardened first layer
  • Pour the white soap gently over the entire picture
  • Spray rubbing alcohol again to remove bubbles
  • Let the soap to completely cool down
  • If you have decided to add colors to another layer, pour white soap base in another container and add your colorants
  • Before adding the colored layer, scratch the formed white base and spray rubbing alcohol, then pour the last colored layer

diy emoji soap d


Step 5: Remove from mold

  • Wait a few hours then remove the soaps from mold.

diy emoji soap 3

diy emoji soap 2

diy emoji soap 1

diy emoji soap 4

Have fun making DIY emoji soap!

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