Adorable Interview Of A One Year Old Over Her Twin Sisters

Here’s a video of Sean Cannell from the “Video Influencers,” interviewing the eldest daughter of YouTube star vloggers Benji and Judy Travis. Julianna’s life has been blogged about on video, since the day she was born.


Julianna was the center of her family’s attention up until her twin sisters came into their lives. In this video, Sean was trying to get Julianna to state everything that she thinks about her family, as well as, get her opinion about the changes in their daily lives since the arrival of the twins. How is she coping with the presence of Keira and Miyako?

This video shows how Benji and Judy are doing an excellent job of parenting; they are able to promote the development of a child’s basic talking skills easily. For them, parenting is an enjoyable task that’s done with lots of warm and loving smiles, in addition to touch and laughter.

Since the day that Julianna was born, a lot of people from all over the world have seen her grow and with the twins coming along, let’s hear what this big sister has to say!


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