Dad Debunked Mystery Of Who Cut The Dog’s Hair

Lying is a common misbehavior among children and it is painful for parents if they catch their children lie. Sadly, this might lead to some parents to verbally or physically hurt their children within the spur of heavy emotion. But kudos to this Dad who managed to keep cool and speak calmly on this situation. Daddy is good at playing Sherlock Holmes, document the scenario and unravel the mystery behind cutting the family dog’s hair. Using science facts and evidence like fingerprints to catch the liar who would not admit. He even used an alarming word such as the police that hinted them that they are in big trouble.

credits:Rumble Viral

Finally, this dad catches the guilty beautiful critter in less than a minute. And the guilty party is as sorry as hell. But overall, his daughter still managed to be gorgeous even when crying. Next time, this baby surely won’t be lying again because she certainly knows that Daddy is an excellent detective. Smart parenting!


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