Cute DIY Paperclip Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are a great solution for those who don’t have pierced ears but still want to have a little bling on their ears! But hey, these pretty trinkets can also be paired with earrings. Also perfect for those who had their ears pierced. The effect? The double-pierced look! 😉


Ear cuffs are easy to wear, and they are easy to make. Today, ear cuffs are worn as chic ear embellishments by both the young and old alike. They come in a plenty of styles for all ages and tastes.

Do you want to look chic and fab? You better try making one for yourself…ear cuffs are the new bling! And before you snub this new trend, know that you do not have to give into piercing holes in your ears. Here’s a very simple DIY ear cuff tutorial that takes only a few minutes of your time to master!

Supplies Needed:

  • Paperclipsearcuffsa
  • Wire cutters
  • Flat nose/Round nose pliers


1. Unbend and even out the paper clip using your hands. The pliers are handy for leveling out any bends and hoops.
2. Make a pin eye by twisting the edges within using the bottlenose pliers. Make sure the looped edges are facing each other. Clasp the center with your bottlenose pliers while folding both edges together.
3. Grip one end using the flat nose pliers while you fold both edges together with your bottlenose gripping tool
4. Twirl the clip again and bend the outer sides to shape the cuff
5. Twirl the other clip as you see on the video
6. Curl one more time making sure you turn the sharp edges inward, so your ear cuff won’t stab you

There you go, you just learned how to make your very own adorable ear cuff!


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