How to Cut Perfect Side Swept Bangs Yourself

Crazy over that celebrity bangs fever? Now you can get that look without spending some extra bucks. Plus, you can avoid that disappointment if the stylist doesn’t get the cut that you want. You can now do it your way. Listen to tips and hacks for you to get that perfect side-swept bangs. Glam up and save money! Why twist the bangs earlier? Watch the video why and check for more tips 🙂



1. Before you start, it is recommended that you blow dry your hair and straighten it prior to cutting your bangs so that you know exactly where your bangs fall.
2. To start, comb your hair back and tie the rest of the hair with a ponytail.
3. Comb your bangs in front of your hair. With a pintail comb, find the highest tip of your eyebrows, and this is where your bangs should be lined up.
4. Do the same on the other side. Then grab your hair in front, line the top part so that it is even and straight as well.
5. Now, tie into a higher ponytail so that the hair that you have just sectioned out won’t fall back down.
6. The width should just be 1-2 inches but depending on your style and preferences, it can be thicker.
7. Comb your bangs again, grab it then flip it over. Using your other hand, keep it in place.
8. Prepare to cut your hair gradually and diagonally, start with an inch off then trim off a little at a time until the desired length.
9. Now, comb your bangs and with a smaller section, start cutting upward to create texture.
10. Finish with ironing your bangs and using a hair spray.

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How to Cut Perfect Side Swept Bangs at Home


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