Create Your Own Urban Outfitters Hanging Nightstand On The Cheap!

When it comes to bedroom furnishings, nightstands are necessary. But sometimes there’s just no room for one, especially for those of us living in tight quarters. You’re hip and cool, so you want your personal space to reflect your personality. Actually, there are tons of ideas and materials out there that you can utilize to make your very own unique home embellishments like this DIY hanging nightstand that’s perfect for your favorite book, cell phone or alarm clock.


Nightstands don’t have to be fully decorated. They are meant for holding just a cluster of things that you can reach easily at night or for when you wake up. They don’t have to be stunning to make it perfect. A nightstand should be functional and stylish, too.


Materials needed:

  • Ceiling hook
  • Screws
  • 11 Flat Wooden sticks
  • Twine
  • Drill


  1. Place 9 pieces of flat wooden sticks on the table.
  2. Arrange by interchanging the pointed ends.
  3. Get the top and bottom sticks. Mark before you drill holes on both ends of each stick. Once done place them back.
  4. Grab 2 shorter flat wooden sticks to use as support. Place them on top of the 9 arranged wooden sticks and secure with a clamp to hold them in place while you drill holes on each. Got no clamp? Ask somebody to help you.
  5. Decide on how high or low you want your nightstand to hang from the ceiling before you cut the twine.
  6. Place a string on all four sides. Insert the string on the top side of the shelf and secure it by making several
  7. knots on the bottom side of the shelf.
  8. Gather all four strings together, link them to make a knot.
  9. Screw your hook to the ceiling.
  10. Before hanging your night stand, make sure you cut the excess strings, make a knot or braid it then make a loop for hanging it on the hook.


Voila! You just made yourself a stylish hanging nightstand. Let this be a testament to your exquisite personal style.


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