Create Your Own Smartphone Projector With A Shoebox

Here’s an opportunity to create something useful out of nothing! You can grab an old sturdy shoe box and transform it into a smartphone projector. All you have to do is cut, fold and glue some pieces together and voila, you have a new toy at your fingertips.


This is a fun and unique way to share your smartphone’s screen with your friends and family. You can use it to project holiday snapshots or the hottest viral video on your living room wall.

This DIY smartphone projector is easy to assemble and will cost you nothing. However, this piece of equipment for projecting the image from your smartphone onto a wall is just intended to come up with an innovative and fun idea, and not as a decent home theater system. If you want to have a personal cinema in your room, you can try this out.

Materials needed:

· Magnifying glass
· Shoebox
· Glue
· Foam board
· Masking tape
· Cutter
· Hot glue gun
· Ruler
· Compass and cutting tool
· Smartphone


1. You will need to cut off the handle of the magnifying glass, the glass will serve as your projector lens

2. Build housing for your projector lens using the shoe box. First, you need to make it sturdy for when you attach the lens. Start by evenly putting glue on the flaps inside the shoe box to reinforce it. Do this on both ends of the box. Allow at least 2 minutes for the glue to dry.

3. Once the glue is dry, get the magnifying glass and position it on the other end of the box, make sure you place it in the center before you trace around it, using a pencil. Using a compass and the right sized tool knife, you will be able to cut it easily and perfectly. Fit your magnifying glass in the hole

4. Mount the glass on the box using hot glue gun

5. Put the cover of the box making sure you cut the excess portion of it on the side where you positioned the lens. For easy cutting, use the cut out which you got earlier as a pattern

6. Build a phone stand using a foam board making sure you measure it correctly so it fits perfectly inside the box without wobbling

7. Cut another foam board to serve as the leg of your phone stand. Glue together. For perfect projector image, make sure your phone stand at a 90-degree angle to its leg

8. Use double sided tape to put at the back of your smartphone. This will allow you to securely mount your phone at the center of the stand. Make sure that it is aligned with the projector

9. Check the camera settings. Adjust it to the highest brightness level, as well as, your preferred volume. Don’t forget to lock the screen as the display should stay upside down once you play the video. Adjust distance to focus image on the wall

Tip: In order for you to get the most out of your DIY Smartphone projector, it’s best to play it in a pitch dark room and project the image onto a white sheet or wall.


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