Create Natural Strong Rope From Grass

Rope is one of the key essentials in a survival kit and a must have in the wilderness. They are used for rappelling, building a shelter, carrying heavy things, making a clothes line and more.


In this video, you will learn the right method for making rope using grass. Even today, this ancient method is being used to make commercially made ropes. This tutorial is very easy to follow and it will only take a few minutes before you get the hang of it. An added side benefit is you don’t need to purchase or carry anything with you to make the rope. All you need it grass.

These grass ropes are fun to make, environmentally friendly, and it’s an easy activity for people of all ages. If you’re successful making a rope out of this method, make sure to check the strength of your finished product first before using it. Especially if you are going to use it to carry heavy things.

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