Create Your Own Mason Jar Light

Know what barbecue parties, weekend get-together and backyard get togethers with friends need? Awesome vintage lighting. Check out the video below to learn how to make your own hanging mason jar lights and lanterns!


This upcycled mason jar lantern is super easy to put together. Even husbands and boyfriends can’t screw it up. The closest thing to a tool you’ll need is a hammer.

You can place these beauties on tables or string them up in a tree, if you have, for a magical effect. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny backyard or are stuck with just a patio. These lights are bound to turn your evenings into vintage fun.

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Materials Needed:

·1 large mason jar
·Cord set
·Light bulb
·Hanging hook
·Metallic spray paint (optional)


·Hammer and Nail


1. Remove the top part of the mason jar cover
2. Using a pen, trace the shape of the bulb socket at the back of the mason jar lid
3. Using the pattern you just made, perforate the lid by making small holes all the way around using the hammer and nail
4. Once done, make a couple of small holes in the middle then punch out the lid using pliers
5. You can spray paint the top of the lid and the socket, including its bottom part, but it is optional. Don’t forget to tape off the part of the socket that you don’t want to paint
6. Once the paint is dry, punch some more holes in the lid using the hammer and nail. The holes will be for aeration purposes to avoid too much heat inside the jar once you turn the bulb on
7. Assemble by putting the socket into the lid and then attach the metal ring you created around it and attach the screw ring to secure it
8. Take the light bulb and attach it to the socket. Put the assembled light in the jar and finally, put the lid back on to close the jar
9. Now, plug it!

Okay, it’s done, now you can enjoy your very own DIY mason jar light/lantern! 🙂

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create your own mason jar light

Check out the materials at Amazon!



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