How To Create Lemon Slice Handmade Soap

We are head over heals in love with these homemade soaps shaped like lemons slices. They look like a million bucks and smell great! The steps are easy to follow, and the few ingredients needed are available at most craft shops. These citrus-scented soaps are a great alternative to commercially bought ones. They look pretty, and they smell so terrific! To top it off, they make a wonderful gift. You can’t tell me mom wouldn’t love some of these soaps for Christmas! Watch the video, and find out the basic techniques on how to craft your own lemon, lime, and orange soaps.


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Things you will need:

  • Clear Glycerin Soap
  • White Glycerin Soap
  • Round molds in different sizes (or cookie cutter in different sizes)
  • Yellow soap colorant (you can use yellow soap pigments to avoid color bleeding)
  • Lemon Soap Scent (or Lemon Essential Oil)

Lemon Slice Handmade Soap

Do you have soap making ideas you would like to share? We absolutely love to hear them! Share your ideas by leaving your comments below. Happy crafting!


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