Create Your Very Own Concrete Pendant Lamp!

Have you always wished to make your own one-of-a-kind home décor and furnishings? Learning a craft today is a breeze with a massive number of websites offering ideas for innovative tricks such as this concrete pendant lamp making using plastic bottles.


Learning this trick is something that you can utilize for your own consumption or become an entrepreneur yourself. Home decor business which was dominated by big-box designers and retailers before is now an “it” industry. More and more home furnishings shoppers patronize innovative startups which appear to be leading the charge these days.

Here’s how to create concrete pendant lamps out of plastic bottles:


  • 1 big plastic bottle
  • 1 smaller and thinner plastic bottle
  • Concrete mix
  • Wood screws
  • Threaded tube with some nuts
  • Pendant light fixture
  • Cordless drill


1. Drill a hole on the caps of each plastic bottle
2. Cut both bottles in half
3. Screw the threaded tube into the cap of the big bottle; secure it using the nut
4. Insert the thinner plastic bottle and connect it to the other end of the threaded tube
5. To keep the inner bottle in place, use the wood screw
6. Put some water to mix the concrete
7. Fill the big bottle with the concrete mix; make sure you tap the bottle to ensure the concrete mixture is packed together
8. Let the concrete dry for 20 hours
9. Unscrew the thinner bottle, cut and peel the plastic, remove the cap and insert the pendant lamp fixture

Let your creative juices out to make artsy and functional decorative concrete pendant lamps by adding colors or hand-paint it or try different shapes. Check out home furnishing design blogs where you can get endless inspiration.

In these modern times, forming coherent, personalized and elegant inventions indeed, no longer requires an expert eye, big financial investment, and bundles of free time.


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