Create A Matchbox Rocket Launcher

Who doesn’t love a good rocket launcher? Well, now all you need is some matches and tin foil and you can create your own. This video shows you step by step how to tap into your inner child and create the coolest home made rocket launchers. Shoot them off over 40 ft and watch the cool little smoke trails they leave behind.


What could possibly go wrong? We recommend safety glasses and a dose of common sense before lighting these rockets of doom. Otherwise, you might find yourself wearing an eye patch and contemplating a career as a pirate. Yarrr!

The template for this rocket project is free to download here at If you are not satisfied with the video and would want to get more detailed instructions, ┬áThompson also came up with a 28 page PDF file of ‘How To Make A Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit’ which can be found here.