When It Comes To A Good Petting These Cat’s Won’t Take No For An Answer!

Cats are really interesting and fun to live with, as you can see in this video. Sometimes, cats exhibit confusing behaviors. It sure would be a pleasant thing if we could understand the behavior of these furry creatures rather than get annoyed with their attention-grabbing acts.


Kitties, as it turns out, are very much like humans. They need constant attention. Cats, especially domesticated ones, fancy getting a relaxing massage from their loved ones. Petting your tabby relaxes them, and makes them feel loved. When your slinky friend gives you a friendly head butt, a loving sniff, or pawing your arm or leg, that means the poor kitty is bored and wants to play or bond with you. And it seems cats love music, too!

This attention seeking actions in cats are normal at any age. More often than not, kitties rub their necks or body to identify and leave their scent as a mark on things or people they love. Ignoring your furry friends’ pleas for attention will cause kitty frustration. So, the next time your kitty comes over for a scratch or petting, do spend some quality time with your pet.


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