Cheerleader Wows The Whole Crowd With Her Mind-Blown Shooting Skills!

A cheerleader from William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississipi nails an amazing half-court trick shot!

Ashlee Arnau, a 23-year old nursing student, was in the spotlight again when she made another unbelievable, acrobatic half-court shot. This isn’t the first time she was seen doing this famous front-flip half-court shot, it’s the third one she’s pulled off this year! Her first successful try was back in 2013 at the Crusaders’ game against Auburn-Montgomery.


Aside from being a cheerleader, Ashlee plays as a forward on the William Carey women’s soccer team and runs tracks too. According to her, she was inspired by the front-flip-style throw-in that soccer players do and this is how she got the idea of doing the front flip shot in basketball. Ashlee’s been practicing the trick since she was 15 years old.

Practice makes perfect but it’s still pretty amazing every time we see it. Someone put her on the basketball team!


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