Check Out This Cute Little Pom With Eyebrows!

This adorable Pomeranian pup wearing fab eyebrows will absolutely make you laugh! Who wouldn’t want a dog with eyebrows if they looked as cute as him? All we know is that your life obviously isn’t complete until you see this. The more we watched it… the more we find it so ridiculously funny!

credits:Dogs With Eyebrows

You can buy a pair of these funny eyebrows at

Since eyebrow pencils can be dangerous and irritating fot your dogs, J. Keitsu (the product creator) came up with a safer eyebrow solution. Because the world obviously needed one!

He first had the idea when he saw a picture of this bizarre pet trend on the internet. Apart from seeing your dog’s hilarious expressions better than before, a portion of the eyebrow sales goes to Last Hope Animal Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society. So make your dog look like a dork for a good cause 😀

Check out the rest of the pack who are rocking this silly trend!

Pug dog isolated on a white background; Shutterstock ID 228507043; PO: Zeus







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