Check Out These Cats Arguing Over Pattycake

Have you ever witnessed two cats playing patty-cake ? Well, you’ll be totally amazed when you see this video of two kitties playing the age old classic as if they knew the nursery rhyme game for real!

The funniest part is, somebody took his time to dub a voice over for these two furballs, and that somebody is Justin C. Elliott! He is the genius behind the voice over of the famous YouTube video of “Cats Playing Patty-Cake” back in 2008. The narration was so funny that we must have watched the video 10 times!

credits:JC Elliott

According to hkbecky, the original uploader, his two cats named Goo and Yat Jai love to play patty cake or Wing Chun Sticky hands all the time. Now, he finally caught them on video. Here is the original clip if you haven’t seen it yet. Enjoy!

Both videos deserve a big thumbs-up! We hope to see more of these! 😉


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