Check Out This Crazy DIY Grass Day Bed

Now that the colder days are over…it’s time for us to enjoy the warmth of the outside! Most of you would probably spend it by going to the beach, camping, or an outdoor get-together picnic. But, what if we tell you that you don’t need to travel away from home and spend a lot of cash to enjoy this lovely weather? It’s possible! How? By turning your outdoor space into your favorite escape with this DIY day bed made from grass; one of the easiest ways to glam up your backyard and create a haven of your own. This project is guaranteed to upgrade your outdoor space to a whole new level!



  1.       Using slatted headboard and wood pallets build out the bed frame
  2.       Build a headboard that will double as a plant box
  3.       Cover the base of the bed frame with geo-fabric
  4.       Fill the entire frame with soil and mix with some fertilizer. Press down the soil until fully packed
  5.       Roll out a layer of soft green sod on top
  6.       Place plants in the headboard box
  7.       Adorn with comfy and colorful pillows

day bed grass

Your grass day bed’s planter serves as an eye-catching showcase for your favorite blooms.  You can also throw some colorful pillows of different shapes and sizes for a comfy and stylish outdoor bedroom setting. Isn’t it an insanely cool idea? 😉


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