Check Out This Amazing House Build Out Of Shipping Containers

This unique house is proof that you can do a lot of cool things with shipping or cargo containers. Aside from turning them into luxury architecture, they are perfect for affordable buildings.

To begin building your own upcycled house, first on your list is to purchase your own cargo containers. It is good to know that it will only cost you as little as $2000 to get started which compared to what other living arrangements can cost, it’s really a drop in the bucket.

After acquiring your own container/s, your design budget is completely up to you. You can go all out or you can go modest.

You can also get a bunch of inspiration from people who have magically turned their boring boxes into epic homes and they are absolutely mind-blowing! Check out this amazing house of Kicker Kalozdi build-out of storage containers in the video below.

Credits: ApartmentTherapy


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