Check Out These Seven Kitties Move In Unison!

Love bobbleheads? Well even if you don’t you have to check this video out. These cats nodding all at the same time are like real-life “bobbleheads”! Their purr-fect rhythm, bobbing along in sync to Jason Derulo’s hit song “Wiggle” is nearly too cute to watch. They got us all saying, “woah, we just can’t stop playing this video over, and over and over again!”

credits:Elemar Pang-ay

We really don’t know how their owner trained these kitties to move in sync, or maybe their eyes are just entirely focus on something they just can’t resist.

Is it their favorite food? Or, maybe catnip? Whatever it is, it captured their attention and they captured out hearts! We just love how our animal friends entertain us. It’s no surprise that cat’s rule the internet. Don’t you agree?

This video is best to revisit whenever you need to brighten up even your gloomiest day! It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, every single time!


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