Cats In Funny Positions… Yay!

From awesome cute cat photos to hilarious cat memes… cats snoozing in strange positions have really caught our utmost attention! Cats are known to love the extremes. Maybe that explains why they prefer some seriously weird areas to snooze? They also sleep an average of fifteen hours a day which tells us how much kitties enjoy napping so much.

This adorable video compilation of cats sleeping in weird positions is one of our best picks for this week! Whether, in a cardboard box, cat towers, bags, or any risky spot, they never fail to give us a good laugh. Also, that only proves that cats can sleep comfortably in every kind of setting.


Our feline friends sleeping positions are quite entertaining, but we may always find them unusual. In a way, they make it look like they are comfortable, but at the same time, they appear extremely uncomfortable.

A little warning to all the viewers, please do not even attempt any of these “cat nap stunts” unless you are a professional! 😉


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