Cats Acting Like Humans

It’s true. Cats can learn to act like humans! You know, those things that our kitty friends are not supposed to do? Is there anything cuter than a cat wearing your sunglasses? What about a kitty who is relaxing in a hammock, or sleeping like a human baby complete with a blanket and feeding bottle? Cats can learn some tricks from their owners. And when they act like humans, it can be really funny just like what you are about to see in this video. Indeed, cats can be taught.


Cats are sociable, but not as much as dogs. Felines are definitely not easily motivated by verbal approvals compared to dogs. But, with some patience and learning the correct techniques, you can still teach your furry friend a few simple tricks. Of course, this is easier to do with domestic cats, especially when you have co-existed with your pet for quite a while now. Although cats can only learn some few easy tricks, they are still a fun way to entertain you and your family!


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