Cat Owner Bought A New Door. What His Cat Did Next Surprised Him!

Ever wonder what cats think about humans. Well according to National Geographic, “Unlike dogs, our feline friends treat us like other cats.” That might explain why we see them acting just like us from time to time. Well this cat in this video sure things that there’s only one proper way to go through a door…


Philo, the cat, is a perfect example of how intelligent, or obstinate, cats can be. Philo’s human servant spent almost an hour and a half installing a new cat door so Philo could come and go as he sees fit. The human servant was so proud of his accomplishment that he wanted to film Philo using the newly installed cat door for the very first time.

Surprisingly, Philo completely ignored it and instead used the door handle to get in just like any normal creature would do! Were not sure if you can return installed pet doors… maybe he should just give Philo a key.

Take that dogs!


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