A Cat Concerto Or A CATcerto?

There are some cats out there that don’t seem to realize that they are cats and not humans. We were speechless when we heard about Nora the cat, a piano playing YouTube sensation. In this popular clip, Nora is seen playing piano on a huge screen above the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra lends their harmonizing cello and violin chords following along with the piano playing cats’ melody.


The main star in this Catcerto video has real talent. In fact, the cat, whose piano-playing and compositional abilities are astounding, has been a piano playing marvel for some years now.

How did Nora learn to play the piano? It turns out, this talented tabby lives with an artist and a musician who happens to give piano lessons at home. Through meticulous observation and imitation of the students’ music lessons, Nora learned to play the piano. She started playing the piano when she was one year old and had her first recital at four years old.

Do you want more of Nora’s astounding performance? Check out the video below!



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