Can You Beat This Guy’s Dead Pan Face? Watch Him Do It On A Slingshot Ride In Florida

We’ve seen a lot of videos of people passing out and screaming from riding a slingshot ride, but wait until you see how this guy handled being thrown up and down hundreds of feet up in the air.

He totally kept his promise when he said, “I told them I could keep a straight face”.

This is the original video uploaded…


We can’t really comprehend how he maintained his composure, particularly during the moment the Slingshot was launched while his partner is screaming out loud. Honestly, if this was us riding the Slingshot, we would probably be one of those people who would collapse up in the air.

Watch this version that has the song “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel playing in the background, adding a little bit of drama to it. All thumbs up! An epic version for sure.


Well, he actually exceeded our expectations. People who are not afraid of heights do exist and apparently he is one of them. 😉


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