Can A Sweater Scar A Child For Life?

The dilemma started when a dad wore a sweater on his son’s first day of school.

Apparently, the oh so comfy knit outfit did not please this kid at all. Afraid to be embarrassed in front of his classmates the kid refused to set his foot in the classroom.


We are so sure that the dad was trolling and the little boy was not happy about it. Before the hilarious scene was about to come to an end, you can also hear the teachers laughing about how the kid reacted to his dad’s awful clothing.

As an adult, you can really get the grasp of the situation that his dad probably wore the ugly sweater on purpose but, of course, the kid is too young to understand that it was all a joke. Don’t worry kiddo, you will just laugh about this embarrassing situation once you are all grown up.

Well, at least we can all agree that this kid has a better taste in fashion than his old man. 😉


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