Bus Driver Had To Work On His Birthday, So His Coworkers Arranged A Surprise He Will Never Forget

Imagine the idea of working on your birthday? Only a real eager beaver does that!

Most people take their time off during their birthdays, some even take a week of vacation for a full blast relaxation, not this guy, though. Instead of celebrating his personal holiday going on a leave or eating at his favorite restaurant, Copenhagen bus driver Mukhtar decided to show up for work. Well, it is a good thing he did because he was about to get the best birthday surprise of his life!

credits:Thomas Nymann

The unexpected gift came from his co-workers who probably admired him for being a hard-worker. The people on the video were all Danish, so we couldn’t understand what they were saying. But I’m pretty sure you’ll get the gist of what is going by just merely seeing the reaction on their faces. See that happy look on his face? Surely, they made his day super awesome. Such a heartwarming act indeed!


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