Bride Lost Her Dad To Cancer Before Her Wedding But Her Brother’s Surprise Left The Whole Room In Tears

It’s every brides dream to have daddy there to walk them down the aisle on their wedding day. Unfortunately for some, that’s impossible because their fathers have passed on. That’s especially true for Andrea whose father lost the battle to cancer only months before her special day.

Andrea’s brother realized how much she would be missing her father on her wedding day so he came up with a special plan to honor his father’s memory and give Andrea a true gift from the heart. This is one moment Andrea will never forget. Watch the video below to see why he might be the best brother in the world.



During what should have been her father and daughter dance, Andrea was able to dance with her grandfather, brothers, and finally her new father-in-law to a song her brother had professionally record.

What an incredibly beautiful gift from her brother and we’re sure her father was watching over her the whole time.


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