This Is How Baron “The German Shepherd” & His Little Human Get Ready For Bed

The connection between humans and their pets as well as the bond that is formed between them are truly undeniable. In this video entitled “Bedtime featuring Baron The German Shepherd”, it is evident that the two; little boy Zander and his German Shepherd pet, Baron, have a very close connection.

credits:Baron The German Shepherd

While in reality (and in movies), most children have their parents to read them a bedtime story, it is different for Zander. Not that it shows in this video that his parents are too busy for this (but I am pretty sure they are enjoying filming this ), Baron is the one ensuring that he is ready for a good night’s sleep. This adorable video shows their bedtime routine.

From tidying the room, the pair kneels to say their prayers then Baron carefully tucks Zaner in his bed. There is a time for a story, and the night seems not to end without goodnight kisses. Lastly, just as a thoughtful parent will do, Baron turns off the lights before leaving the room.

The video uploaded on Youtube has now received more than 2 million views. If you’re not on the 2 million yet, watch this!


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