Baby’s Mind Blown Upon Seeing His Mom’s Twin For The First Time

What if your mom has an identical twin?

If the following scene occurs to you, I bet your universe will explode too! A father films his 10-month-old son seeing his mother’s identical twin sister for the very first time and his reaction is absolutely priceless!


Felix was born in Lithuania a year ago, and the family just recently brought him to Canada to see the rest of the family for the very first time. He was introduced to Aunt Steph, his mother’s identical sister while visiting Montreal.

Felix’s face showed the look of disbelief while flashing a big “Is this for real?” smile, trying to make sense of what is happening. We can’t blame him, if this happened to us, our jaws would drop too. For a second maybe he was wondering why is there another mom in the room. The family was bursting into laughter and we are pretty sure they won’t regret capturing this moment.



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