Baby’s Learns How To Crawl And Gets A Surprise!

The joy of watching your little baby crawl for the first time is simply priceless! Better yet, capture the moment with a four-legged best friend.

Dogs are perfect companions and in our view, every kid should grow up with one. A good dog is a great way to teach them responsibility and unconditional love. Dogs are intelligent, loyal, obedient, playful and sweet, and depending on their mood a little mischevious. They also get to experience a lot of precious “first time” moments with your little ones.

credits:Don Swift

As for this cute labradoodle, he was there to witness the “first crawl” of this adorable tot. The moment was captured by her parents with a surprisingly sweet ending you don’t want to miss! We bet they are both glad they filmed it. It was a true heart-warming scene. One more good reason why dogs are really awesome!

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