This Baby’s Born For Dubstep

The adorable toddler is seen in this video putting her best foot forward as she danced to the sound of her sister’s flute, but was she actually thinking of dubstep? I’d say, for this little girl? There is no struggle though a lot of people find it quite difficult to move and dance to the genre’s beats.

credits: Novster

Dubstep is that type of outrageous electronic music that requires one to do a deep kind of rolling to the beat of heavy drum & bass sounds. Scientific research has shown that music can greatly improve a child’s language skills and is also an elemental method for teaching simple communication and interpersonal abilities.

This cute kid has probably heard some dubstep music, as well as, seen videos of the dance steps, that’s why; she’s dancing with dubstep in her mind. Indeed, dubstep is hyper-stimulating and supercharges kids and adults alike.


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