Baby Trying To Stay Awake Will Absolutely Complete Your Day

If you are having a bad day, watch this video and it will make it all better.

Yerin was only 6-month old when this video was filmed. According to the lucky parents of this adorable baby, she loves to wake up with a smile everyday especially when she sees them. Our most favorite part is she is still smiling while trying her best to stay awake. What a priceless moment!


Yerin Park is pretty popular not just in Korea but in other parts of the world too. There are various of Tumblr pages fawn over how cute she is. She even has her own Facebook page, YouTube Channel and she has won an award for Best UGC & K-Pop Awards 2011. She has over a hundred thousand fans and growing and we can see why. She’s adorable!

There is no doubt, people just can’t get enough of Yerin’s adorable smile. We just can’t stop watching this video! 🙂


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