This Baby Adorably Tries To Wake Up Her Big Brother

Here’s an absolutely adorable video of Maggie, a cute little girl trying desperately to wake up her big brother who’s passed out on the couch. This clip was recorded by a Mom who obviously adore her kids and loves to capture all the funnies that show up in every day life.


Babies don’t only learn from their mothers, but Moms have a lot to learn from their babies, too, by listening and being responsive to their cues. This will help you get to know your child better, as you take on your role.

Obviously, Maggie was so delighted that she successfully woke up her brother in her own little ways. The best thing for her surely was getting a loving peck from her older brother. Great way to build confidence, as well as, develop a two-way trusting relationship. We couldn’t agree more that this is a result of good parenting.


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