Awesome DIY Projects For Your Pets!

Looking for DIY crafts that you can do for your pet? Perhaps you want to design and décor your pet’s living area to make it your pet comfy and happy, or maybe you just want to dress up your pet with the hottest styles under the sun.


DIY projects for pets can be a great way to save money, especially when even the simple pet stuff can add up and cost way to much. Save yourself some money by creating your own accessories. With these DIY projects, you can size a collar, harness or bed to fit your furry best friend perfectly. What’s more, you can create something for your pet in a color and print that you and your pet love.

Here Are Some Awesome DIY Projects for Pet Lovers:

1. Personalized Dog Collar

Personalized Dog Collar |

Materials needed:

· basic dog collar
· ribbons
· colorful patches
· scissors
· hot glue gun

How to make it:

  1. First, think of a design that you like then try adding embellishments that you think would make your personalized dog collar look nice before you finally glue everything
  2. Glue gun your desired trimmings but make sure to leave out the notches on the collar for easy tightening or loosening

2. Best Solution For Loose Dog Collar

Best Solution For Loose Dog Collar Fun DIY Projects for Pets |

Materials needed:

· colorful fabrics
· measuring tape
· pompom ribbon
· scissors
· hot glue gun

How to make it:

  1. Measure the length of the collar up to the buckle, leave room for the hook
  2. Pick the fabric design that you want to use and measure the width of the collar, so you can cut the fabric accordingly. Leave at least a quarter of the fabric to glue, as you will need to wrap the collar with it. Seam should be on the inside.
  3. Hot glue gun the decoration of your choice

3. Detachable Stylish Dog Collar For Special Occasions

Detachable Stylish Dog Collar For Special Occasions Fun DIY Projects for Pets |

Materials needed:

· basic dog collar
· felt in pink cream and green
· scissors
· hot glue gun

How to make it:

  1. Cut the cream felt to wrap around the collar and fasten with hot glue gun
  2. Make rose buds by cutting pink felt into circles
  3. Cut each circle into a spiral
  4. To make a small rose bud, wrap around itself the pink felt cut into a spiral
  5. Hot glue the tips and insides to lock
  6. Using the green felt cut out small leaves
  7. Arrange the buds and leaves in a style that you like, before you glue them together

4. DIY Dog Shampoo

DIY Dog Shampoo Fun DIY Projects for Pets |

Materials needed:

· empty bottle or jar with a lid
· measuring cup
· coconut oil
· apple cider vinegar
· dye and fragrance-free mild soap
· water
· essential oil

How to make it:

  1. Put all the ingredients together and shake well.

5. DIY Cat Scratching Post

DIY Cat Scratching Post Fun DIY Projects for Pets |

Materials needed:

· wooden base
· 2 wooden dowels ( 1 pc. 3 feet wooden dowel cut into 2, one long and one short)
· jute rope
· scissors
· power drill
· screwdriver bit
· drill bit
· screws

How to make it:

  1. Attach the drill bit that matches the size of the screws that you are going to use to the drill
  2. Drill holes on your wooden base where you plan to screw the poles
  3. After drilling holes, detach the drill bit and attach a screw bit to the drill
  4. Place the posts on your wooden base and lock them up with screws
  5. Tightly wrap each post with jute rope to your desired thickness
  6. You don’t need to wrap it perfectly, cats love it rough

6. Kitty Teepee

Kittie Teepee Fun DIY Projects for Pets |

Materials needed:

· 5 pcs. 2-foot sticks
· string
· fabric
· safety pins
· soft, fluffy rug or blanket

How to make it:

  1. Fan out the sticks vertically to make the structure of your tepee
  2. Tie the sticks with a string making sure you weave them in and out of each stick to make it sturdy
  3. Drape the fabric over the structure and secure it with a pin
  4. Put the fluffy rug or blanket into the tepee and voila, your feline friend has its own personal space for resting

7. Nesting Place For A Small Pet

If you have cute furry pets like a guinea pig or rabbit, it’ll surely love to have a cozy, protected nesting spot

Nesting PLace Small Pet Fun DIY Projects for Pets |

Materials needed:

· a circular surface to use as pattern in creating a circular structure
· wooden sticks
· paint
· hot glue gun

How to make it:

  1. Paint each sticks with the color of your choice
  2. Once dry, bind the sticks together. Do it one by one around the pattern using the hot glue gun. Wait for it to dry before you top up with another stick

8. Rope Buffet

Rope buffet Fun DIY Projects for Pets |

How to make it:

Get a string and put some clothes pin on it. Cut a few pieces of lettuce, carrot sticks and apple cubes. Clip them with the clothes pin then hang the rope low enough near your pets nesting place, so your pet can easily reach and munch on the treats.

Each of these DIY projects for your pet may require a little of your time, but it won’t bust your budget. A little extra attention to your pets will make them genuinely happy.


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