All She Wants Is To Give Every Sick Kid The Warmest Hug Ever!

She believed she could, so she did.

This special girl’s only wish was something money couldn’t buy. Angel Magnussen wanted to wrap every sick kid around the world with her very own handmade blankets. Each one is carefully made with love by Angel.

In her very on words she said, “I fill each one of my HugginzByAngel blankets with lots of love & hugs because I want to wrap sick kids up in a warm hug”.


Angel, like the kids she gives her blankets to has her own disabilities to deal with but that doesn’t stop her or her heart from living a truly inspirational life. Angel has Down syndrome, but that doesn’t stop her from fulfilling her mission. Aside from blankets, she also makes clothes like pajamas and hats.

Angel doesn’t get paid a dime for the work she does. She volunteers all of her time to sewing and wouldn’t have it any other way. Through her nonprofit foundation (Hugginz by Angel), she has helped raise money for hundreds of sick children.

Angel is a true inspiration to all of us. We hope you support her mission. If this story can inspire someone you know, please share it with them.

You can support Angel by visiting and giving her your support!


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