This Adorable Husky Tries To Wake Up Her Sister For Playtime

This cute nine-month-old Siberian Husky named Xena tried all her best tricks to wake up her sister Kiko for play time. But no matter how hard she tried, it seemed like Kiko just wouldn’t budge. If only dogs could talk… I’m guessing Kiko might would have a few choice words for her sister. It’s a pretty darned adorable and funny clip indeed!


Dogs by nature are very playful, and there seems to be no end to their energy! They like to chew, dig, run, interact with other dogs, and most of all they love to look for adventure especially when they are outside. These characteristics are ever so apparent in Siberian Huskies. They are a wonderful breed that works hard and loves to be around humans and other dogs. If properly raised, they make great family pets. However, due to their high level of energy and enthusiasm, they need plenty of exercises every day.

It might be exhausting to take care of them, but it will always be a great experience having one! 😉


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