Adorable Baby’s Priceless Reaction to Dad Crying

Fabian and his 6 month-old son demonstrate that maybe babies do show empathy after all! He calls his son a “natural sweetheart”. When dad starts crying, so does his son. As soon as dad stops crying and says he is ok, his son relaxes and everything is ok again. Talk about having an amazing connection!


Herrera was playing with his eldest 3-year-old daughter when this all started. His daughter was jumping on his stomach and to make her stop, he pretended to cry. That’s when he noticed his son Aris starting to tear up. Their other family members thought it was cute and funny, but some find it a little mean. Other viewers even thought that Herrera was just faking it and he was just pinching the baby to make him cry on the video. Well, whatever it is we still believe that the emotional connection between the two of them is for real.


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