A Spoon As A Beauty Utensil? 8 Ways Says Yes!

When we talk about beauty must-haves the first thing that pops into our mind is makeup, brushes, lipstick, etc. But, little did we know, that one of the best glamour tools has been just sitting in the kitchen all this time. Quite intriguing, isn’t it?


As it turns out, spoons are not just great for scooping your morning cereal and soup dishes, but they also make an effective beauty accessory! What in the world?! Don’t worry, we were baffled too when we first found out about it. 😉

Check out this awesome clip on how to use your favorite cutlery with your beauty regimen! We can’t even imagine, how a pretty common silverware can help us with our daily beauty routine till we’ve watched this video. Sit back and enjoy these beauty hacks!

8 Spoon Beauty Hacks

1. Make DIY nail art by creating the marble effect using a spoon.
2. Use a spoon to contour your face.
3. Use a spoon to curl your lashes.
4. Keep mascara off your skin around the eyes.
5. Use a chilled metal spoon to lessen eyebags.
6. Repair a broken eyeshadow makeup.
7. Use a spoon as a stencil to make a perfect cat winged eyeliner
8. Use a spoon to get rid of bad breath.

Do you have other common household items that you use in your beauty routine? What and how do you use it? Share your comments below.


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