9 Things You Never Thought Could Expire

Do you pay attention to expiration dates on the products in your home? Most items in your cabinets have shelf-lives. When their prime has passed, they probably should be tossed. Some items though seem like they shouldn’t ever expire. The video below shows us 9 things that actually do expire when we would have thought otherwise.


It turns out non-edibles such as cleaning solutions, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics have expiration dates too. The shelf lives of most inedible products are generally affected by how you treat them. Household cleaners, for example, are best kept in a dry place at a constant temperature. Expiration dates, on the other hand, are simply guidelines and may mean that after the “expiration date” printed on the label, the item is still safe to use, but may be less efficient. But, beware, because some products may expire even before the date of expiry if they aren’t properly handled and kept. How you store your household and cosmetic items are more relevant than the expiration date.


9 Common Items With Short-Shelf Life


1. Bleach


Bleach is one of the most popular cleaning agents used in many households and different types of facilities. Sodium hypochlorite, which is the active ingredient in this liquid disinfectant, has a 6-month shelf life from the production date. Make sure that you store bleach away from sunlight to avoid sodium hypochlorite decomposition.


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2. Latex in condoms


Condoms can last up to 5 years if stored in a cool, dry place, but the latex in this contraceptive device may lose its moisture when exposed to heat which can weaken its structural reliability.

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3. Sunscreen


Sunscreen lasts for just a year, so ditch that tube you got last summer. Light and heat alter the molecular, as well as, the chemical structure of sunscreens, so they should be stashed in a cool, dry place. Use your sunscreen lotion before the stated expiration date, for best results.

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4. Mascara


Is your mascara already between 2-3 months old?  Then it’s passed its prime and time to get a new tube. When you open a tube of mascara, air can enter into the container which will cause the formula to oxidize and decompose. What’s more, every time you use it, you transfer germs to the applicator which will also go inside the mascara tube. The danger of using contaminated mascara is that you may develop an eye infection.

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5. Loofah


Your loofahs life span is just 3-4 weeks. Why? Because the bathroom is a moist environment and all the gaps and hollow spaces of the loofah is a breeding ground for bacteria.
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6. Anti-acne Creams


Three months is the longest that you can keep your anti-acne cream after you open it. Once you open a tube of this cream, you are likely to introduce bacteria into the formula every time you use it. And, because the ingredients break down fast, it’ll become less effective in treating pimples. Worst, you get skin infection or irritation.

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7.  Hair Gel/Hair Spray


Unopened hair care products such as hairspray or gel will maintain its freshness and effectiveness for three years. On the other hand, once you open hairspray or gel, the shelf life drops to 18 months, because when these products are applied to the hair, they come in contact with the hand of the user and, as a result, become contaminated by bacteria.  Water and air that gets into the container speed up the breakdown of the ingredients.

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8.  Soap


Bar and liquid soaps can last from 18 months – 2 years, especially those that contain essential oils. Organic soaps go bad more quickly than conventional ones because they’re made without chemical preservatives. Non-organic soaps are infused with synthetic ingredients and preservatives to make them last longer. This may sound good, but come to think of it, when you consider hygiene and the health of your skin, then better not use soap that’s passed its prime already.

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9. Motor oil


Under optimal conditions, motor oils can last up to 5 years unopened and a short life span of just 90 days after it’s opened. When dirt and water have gotten into the bottle or can of the engine oil, it will become less effective. Store motor oil containers in a cool dry location.

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Many household products and cosmetics may still be usable after the expiry date, provided they are stored under ideal conditions. These guidelines are just estimates actually, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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