6 Year Old Girl Does Impressive Trick Shots

This young lady with her cute curly locks does amazing no-look trick shots using normal household items. Watch closely because all of the tricks you’re about to witness are for real.

These were filmed without the help of video editing or any kind of special effects.


Riley Dashwood, from Melbourne, Australia, was just 5 years old when she made these trick shots. Some viewers think that this video was entirely fake. However, they’re wrong.

According to Mashable editor Jenni Ryall, who interviewed Riley’s dad, the duo spent grueling hours and hundreds of tries to land these perfect shots. Talk about true persistence! It might seem a lot of work, but Riley and her dad enjoyed every second of it. He mentioned, “I thought, this is a good way for us to bond and to get together and have a project we can both work on.”

Here’s the video of Riley practicing to perfect her trick shots.


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