5 Hacks For Faster WiFi

If there is one thing we absolutely can’t stand… one thing that fills us with dread… the one thing we absolutely hate… it’s slow WiFi.

Is there anything worse in this world than a buffering bar? No! Well, fear no more, in this video, you’ll learn 5 quick little hacks to boost your WiFi speed!


It only takes a little bit of setup and shifting the position of your router. Soon you’ll be able to stream your own favorite Hulu shows on 10 different phones and learn how to bake the fluffiest Angel Food Cake on Youtube all at the same time, without the fear of slow speeds, bad reception, and other Wi-Fi related issues.

Here is the summary of the hacks mentioned on the video:

  1. Place your router out in the open, preferably right at the center of your house.
  2. Lift your router off the ground.
  3. Keep it away from other electronics such as computers, television and microwave to prevent interference.
  4. Point the antennas in different directions.
  5. Measure your signal strength.


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